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The “Best in the World” is what we hear time and time again from our customers. Since 1966, L & M Highland Outfitter’s craftspeople have been creating the finest quality products found in the industry. Our sporrans quite often become a family heirloom that is passed on to the next generation.

You can find our sporrans in use by many Canadian Forces Highland Regiments as well as Fire, Police and civilian bands throughtout North America and the world. From our basic day sporran to our dress models and full mask sporrans you will find a wide range of choices in colour, texture and style. If you can not find a sporran that is just the right fit then check out our Build-A-Sporran option on the top of the page where you may work with many different options to create a one of a kind product.

We are also more than happy to help you develop the sporran of your dreams. Browse some of our custom work.You may contact us by email with your ideas and we will help you create a unique sporran. All L & M Sporrans include a chain strap and storage box.